Why It Is Important to Have a Community

May 24, 2022

The content that you live stream on your preferred live-streaming platform must have some uniqueness and benefit to those who join your broadcast. The quality of content and shared enthusiasm towards the content that is being broadcast are part of the key ingredients of building and maintaining a community.

Interestingly, you may be wondering why it is important to build and sustain a community on your live streaming profile. Well, having a community adds several benefits to your live streaming profile on your favorite streaming platform. Several people are craving to be part of a community now more than ever.

For business ventures and influencers, the community is important to the success of such enterprises. Forming a community goes beyond gathering people to join in on your live broadcast at a specific time on your streaming platform. Successful individual influencers and enterprise companies harness the power of community to increase brand awareness, interact with their customers, and build loyalty, among other benefits.

1. Real-Time / Engagement

One of the most important reasons why having a community is important is the real-time engagement it offers you. Community members can interact with the influencer in real-time while the live broadcast is going on. This is a real twist in content marketing as it provides the channel to offer real-time content while measuring user engagement in the same breath.

This real-time engagement provides more than the real-time content that the community members are enjoying. It provides an avenue to provide more than real-time content. Engaging the community provides influencers and businesses with the option of providing live support, office tours, answering questions from community members, and so much more.

2. Brand Awareness

One of the most effective methods of building brand awareness is through word-of-mouth. It is an effective method of raising awareness for a business to help build and grow the business. When people get referrals from someone they trust, they are more confident in interacting with the business because of the singular referral. When people join your live stream community based on referrals, it means your brand is at an all-time high operation.

One of the ways through which you can raise awareness for your business or enterprise is through influencers and brand ambassadors. Having different ambassadors in smaller communities that interface directly with grassroots communities fosters the spread of new information about your business. Tapping into this option could see your brand's popularity skyrocket over a short period.

3. It is Cheap to Maintain

Livestreams have little or no cost. It is completely free to operate. You do not require any special equipment to start live streaming on your preferred platform. If you decide to get some special cameras or microphones to improve the quality of your live streams, it is a one-time purchase. Operating your concurrent live stream broadcasts comes completely free.

Maintaining a community in traditional media and blogging usually requires you to make a proper investment in equipment and software programs. However, a live stream broadcast is accessible to anyone that is on the streaming platform in a matter of clicks at no cost.

Building a community that has no embargo before they can join encourages community members to come back for more of the content they love.

4. Improve Brand Loyalty

Engaging existing customers is less costly in comparison to targeting new customers. Adding new people to your ever-growing community might be more stressful than maintaining your existing visitors. For a business, brand loyalty is key to growth and development. Having a community plays a big role in the success of your business venture. Forming a connection with other people in the community directly correlates with the success of your business.

Of course, the more time an individual invests in joining your stream, the more value that member puts on it. Having a community that equally encourages each other and has a tangible connection with each other, as much as they have with your content, plays a key role in brand loyalty and overall business success.

Engaging your community with your unique content while answering their questions in real-time leads to their loyalty to your brand. Of course, the growth of your brand is assured. Not forgetting that maintaining and growing your brand loyalty requires you to bring impact and value to members of your community.

Ways to Grow Your Community

To grow and maintain your community while providing continuous value, there are some tips you can apply to ensure continuous growth online.

1. Ask Questions: Answering the questions that your community members may be asking in real time will keep them coming back, knowing they will get the answers they seek. During your live streams, always ask questions and get people to comment with their answers. This will keep the engagement up and the conversation going.

2. Regular Engagement: One thing you should try to do is to be consistent with your live streams. Consistency is key in keeping the community invested in your content. To maintain engagement, make sure you stream regularly.

3. Collaborate With Other Top Influencers: Collaboration is another important ingredient to keep your community members interested in your streaming service. You can invite other top streamers in your industry to live stream with you. During these sessions, they can interact with your audience while their audience can see what you offer to your community members.

4. Community Communication: Building connections within the team is an important factor in sustaining the community. One thing that businesses can do is build a community outside of the streaming platform. Social media platforms like Discord, Facebook groups, and several others are useful and quick information-sending platforms on which you can build your community. They foster easy communication within the community.

Wrapping It Up

The streaming platform on which you perform your live broadcasts matters. It determines the features that are useful for maintaining community communications and live streaming activities. The activities being streamed appeal to different community members. For gamers, Twitch is the preferred platform. For business networking, the LinkedIn live streaming platform is the preferred platform among several other platform options.

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