Why and how to stream on Twitch

July 25, 2021
Twitch with more than 17 million daily users represents a new opportunity for internet talent. Get started in the world of streaming in a simple way.

A new revolution has come to the internet, new realities and other perspectives dominate the platforms, everyone wants to be part of this phenomenon called streaming. Every day new content creators join the thousands of existing platforms on the web, they all have the same goal: to be successful.

Succeeding depends on the user, their knowledge and understanding of the algorithm. According to statistics, 90% of streaming-related gaming content is produced and consumed from Twitch, making the platform the leader in the field.

The reach and popularity is quite attractive to start with, coupled with the various tools available to content creators that are engaging and dynamic for the community. Extensions are included that can be added to the stream quickly and easily, this offers a more complete experience around the content that goes from extra information of the game to data from the streamer himself. There are hundreds of extensions! Select the ones that best suit your followers.

Only in 2020 it managed to grow 89% more compared to the previous year. What does this represent? A golden opportunity and entertainment for all.

Everyone can be a content creator and sign up for free. The first step is to encourage yourself to transmit your ideas to the world, if you still do not dare it is not too late, this phenomenon is just beginning and takes hold every day.

Taking the first step is very simple, take into account these important aspects. Action!

Take into account the technical requirements to perform your first live show.

- Not all the requirements are virtual, you must take into account all the tools you need to generate your content with the highest possible quality. Will you use a webcam? What is the quality of your microphone? Think of all the accessories that you could use in your creation and support process.      

- Carrying out a live broadcast requires extra resources from the system, you must take into account the capacity of your team, the kind of limitations you have as well as the opportunities.          

Once you carry out the necessary studies on your hardware and software, you must install the support program that will function as an intermediary between Twitch and your pc.

Select the tool of your preference and according to your operating system:

  • OBS.
  • XSPLIT Broadcaster.
  • Snaz Icon.
  • Stream Labels Icon.
  • Strawpoll.
  • Rechaaarge.
  • StreamElements Icon.
  • IFTTT.

Installed and customize the control panel from each of the elements over which we have control customization as alerts, emotes, and displays notifications. You must have a twitch account created to link directly.

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Statistics: WARC Marketing Insights.

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