Tips to start on stream for the first time.

July 18, 2021
Get to the top with our tips to debut live, take note and follow the recommendations of our specialized staff to the letter. It's time to start stream on your favorite platform.

Thousands of content creators debut every day, be unique and get started the right way. Today we bring you a series of essential points to debut on your favorite streaming platform.

1. Select the platform.      

It is important, this is the means by which people will be able to discover your content. You should think about which platform you will carry out your live shows according to your needs and the tools that they can provide you. Choose wisely! Have you already selected it? Remember to choose according to their advantages and disadvantages compared to your creative needs.

This will depend entirely on the goals and objectives that you set for yourself, these are some options.

  • Twitch
  •  Facebook Gaming
  •  Youtube Gaming
  • Tik Tok
  • Livestream

Ideally, use a social network that complements your live shows, it has to adapt to the type of additional content you generate. It can be Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Tik tok, choose the one according to you. Take into account the type of content you generate, the time available and the complexity of the post production. Create only the profiles that you are going to use, it is not about taking all social networks and abandoning them.

2. Recognize your abilities and strengths. Use them to your advantage!

Your best qualities will be the ones that make you stand out from the rest. You are extrovert? Do you have skill in any game? Do you make good jokes? Use all these weapons to your advantage, conquer the public and grow like foam.

You are the star of the show, you have to take that role seriously. Let's play to be the protagonists! Think of each element that can help you define your personality on social networks.

3. Choose your identity.      

This is an important issue, to stand out they must easily recognize you with few elements. Select characteristics that identify you and stand out from the rest, together they should scream your name. You can think of specific colors, themes and a great name, do not get too complicated and choose something that projects all your personality.

The goal is to be memorable and add something special to your broadcasts. The added value that we give to everything we do is valuable, it will make the difference between climbing or descending. This can be defined once you know your identity and your best qualities.

4. Define your goals.      

Knowing where we are going is important to plan the path we must take to get there. Where do you want to go? Before starting it is important to be clear about what we want to achieve in the end.

Set real goals and look for success stories, inspiration is always good. analyze your favorite streamers and pay attention to the details, how did they get where they are? Find the ideal strategy and go for it! You are the one who sets the limits, overcome yourself every day. We are here to support you!

5. Content

Good content will give you many opportunities to stand out from the rest, in combination with the support of the correct graphic material it will make the difference with respect to the rest of the competition.

Be creative, innovate and dare to change the rules. Do you have an idea? Make it happen. Take the quality of your content to the maximum power, it must not only be interesting, it must also be visually attractive for the user.

Need help with graphics? We can help you, we have everything you need: custom overlay, logos, twitch banners and more.

What are you waiting for to be part of this world of streaming? See more tips and advice on our site.

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