Tips for growing on Twitch

July 30, 2021
We will teach you how to grow and stay on top. Excelling in streaming is not an easy task, everyone wants to achieve it but few do. Our team is here to guide you.

Success is made up of a series of elements that work together, it is a perfectly structured formula. It is not enough just to have the knowledge, you must also know how to apply it.

Social networks are not square so you must adapt each of the advice that we will provide to your case. You have everything to achieve it, you just need a little bit of our mythical spark.

Take note and prepare to take action.

  1. Constancy.

Maintaining a strict and established routine will let the public know where and when to find you. Having fixed hours and an established broadcast platform will positively help your channel to position itself. You can take your favorite channels as a reference, see how they do it and how they make it known.

  1. Use differentiators

Don't be like the others! Use elements that distinguish you from the rest: personalized greetings, your own phrases, non-generic names, specific colors. The possibilities are endless! Make the audience remember you, be memorable, conquer their mind, and bring them back the next time you stream.

  1. Customize your channel

Capturing your personality in each social network is of the utmost importance, with details that identify you, you will make your audience find you or associate characteristics with you. Use a banner, profile photo and description that define you and of the correct sizes. It is the essential part of the discovery, the content is important, but we must not forget the visual part.

  1. Social media

Use other means to support your strategy, you will be able to connect with your followers and you will obtain faster and more reliable loyalty. Feed each one with unique content and let your community know a different side of you through other platforms, this will help increase your reach and interaction with your community. Each social network has a purpose, choose the ones that best suit you. Don't create profiles if you won't be able to feed them!

  1. Incentivize your community

Generating interactions is essential to achieve optimal positioning and new discoveries, cooperating with the algorithm of each platform is important. Motivate your viewers to comment and share with the help of interesting dynamics: questions and answers, anecdotes, competitions in the chat. You make the rules!

  1. Eye-catching titles

An ideal title should describe your content in just 4-5 words, keep it simple but fun. Do not abuse the clikbait! We must attract the attention of the viewer without falling into deception, abusing exaggerated titles can damage the statistics of your channel.

  1. Goals for your viewers

Having visible goals in your stream is a good idea, your followers will know what your goal is and can help you achieve it. Make it happen! Encourage them to push themselves and make them part of the journey. Use dashboards that show the progress of each of your goals, start with something simple and easy to achieve. Increase the difficulty each time a new objective is met.

  1. Set up your alerts

Having personalized alerts for each occasion will encourage your viewers to participate with actions to activate them. Be creative! Use each and every tool you have available.

  1. Use the correct graphics for your stream

It's not just about the content on a conceptual level, visual characteristics play a big role. It is the first filter that you will have to overcome when attracting more public to your streams.

Investigate the appropriate measurements for each of the images that you use to personalize your channel according to the use you want to give it. Worry about the quality of your stream from the first moment.

  1. Take care of your personal brand

Remember that you are the product you want to sell, your personality is important, do not let it be overshadowed by external factors. Keep control of each of the aspects related to you. The image you give in the middle is vital, avoid toxicity and maintain good behavior. Your community will be the reflection of your personality.

11. Follow the trends

The internet is constantly evolving and growing, every day users change and consume new kinds of content. Staying up-to-date is vital to escalate the public's taste, win over your viewers with original and current content.

12. Invest.

Increase the quality of your stream at every available opportunity. Invest in elements that enrich the quality of your content, worry about what you reflect to the public.
Leveling up should be gradual and according to your needs. Make a list where you put all those updates you want to make and list them according to the level of urgency.

13. Don't use generic content

Avoid using graphics for public use, this will not help you to be recognized and will not benefit the growth of your brand. Just as you managed to reach them for free, others did too. Get unique and personalized elements for each part of your stream, don't leave the reflection of your personality in the hands of someone else.

Do you feel lost? We help you develop all your graphic elements: your banners, alerts, personalized profile photos and the rest of the resources you need. Check the packages we have for you. Get your graphics in no time and at an affordable price.

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