The most view videogames on Twitch

July 19, 2021
We give you all the data you need to decide what your next live show will be. Make content about video games with more views and get viewers.

Audience tastes are constantly evolving, new content ideas and trends emerge every day. Take into account the numbers and statistics of views on twitch, do not forget that the information has the value that you give it. Don't be left behind and keep adding people to your community through discovery. We show you which titles are the views of this streaming giant.

Why should you know this information?

Staying informed about these kinds of issues and numbers is of vital importance, it can get involved and have consequences directly with the performance of your channel. You must adapt to the news and tastes of the public, without forgetting your preferences. The secret is to find a perfect balance.

The most important points of why are the following:

  1. It gives you positioning
  2. It keeps you current against the competition.

Do not let others take advantage of you, take advantage of the data and tools that we are about to provide you.

Top 10 video games with the most views on Twitch

We will be quick and precise with this information, we do not need to give it much thought or reflection. These are hard data that you should take into account the next time you are ready to take action.

Currently the record for views is taken by League Of Legends , followed by GTA V and Fortnite . The top 10 is more surprising than you think, take a look at the visualizations of each of the games.

  1. League Of Legends: 1,714,025,520 hours.
  2. Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V): 1,295,069,350 hours
  3. Fortnite: 1,211,577,487 hours
  4. Call Of Duty: warzone 961,874,042 hours
  5. Minecraft: 748,362,449 hours
  6. Counter-strike: 744,954,207 hours
  7. VALUE: 720,628,011 hours
  8. Among Us: 509,711,100 hours
  9. Dota 2: 490,226,415 hours
  10. World Of Warcraft: 477,003,691 hours

Apex Legends, FIFA 21, TFT, Free Fire and Genshin Impact remain far from the top positions. Take into account the number of hours viewed when creating new content.

There are multiple platforms that provide you with useful statistics that can help you get more views and reach. Knowing the content with the most views on the platform helps you know what others are doing

You can frequently check these stats on SullyGnome and TwitchTracker ; They have recent data and are updated every 3 days. Good content and correct graphic support helps us keep the audience for longer. We have given you the weapons, now you decide what you do with them.

What did you think of the top? We bet some of these titles are not in the position you thought.

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