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May 24, 2022

Twitch is the biggest streaming platforms in the gaming community. Streaming is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative entertainment forms for the younger generation. While gamers rake up several hours of live streams broadcasting their gameplay, they garner some impressive followership and make big bucks in the process.

Over time, the streaming industry continues to welcome new streamers that turn out to be big names. However, it has seen its fair share of high-profile bans from the streaming platform. All these different activities in the livestreaming industry have seen their fair share of massive endorsement deals, an increase in income level, and the higher profitability of the streaming industry for individual streamers.

Understanding how successful these different ventures are, with the different metrics for measurement, will help you put things in perspective. While some people define success as the number of followers garnered by individual streamers, others might consider success as the number of real-time stream joiners. For these reasons and more, below are some of the successful streamers according to different metrics on Twitch.

1.  Most Followers on Twitch

Richard ‘Ninja’ Blevins is arguably the top streamer on Twitch. Ninja has one of the largest community followership on Twitch. With a whopping 18.2 million followers and counting, Ninja is an established gamer on Twitch who is famously known for his Fortnite gaming exploits. As a former Halo pro, Ninja now plays a variety of big title games and streams to millions of people through his twitch profile. Of course, playing these big title games comes at a cost. His followership and large community earn him big bucks in sponsored adverts.

While his channel's stats are starting to look like they are diving, his followership is almost double that of the second-placed successful streamer. Interestingly, he does not seem to be letting go of his first-placed crown. Aside from Ninja, AuronPlay and Rubius are other major streamers according to the number of followers on Twitch. Where AuronPlay comes in with 11.7 million followers, Rubius follows closely with his outstanding 11.1 million followers on Twitch.

Interestingly, having a large community of followers does not equivocally show the devotion of the community. This is obvious in the number of people who join in when the streamer goes liv

2. Highest Net Worth

The gaming world is having a progressive influence on the younger generation. The ability to connect with several thousand feeds in real-time while providing the platform that is needed to interact within a community is quickly becoming an influential movement. Platforms like Twitch are becoming influential communities where influencers, public figures, artists, and other media personalities go to interact with their fans.

Along with the personality comes the opportunity to make a lot of money. While some get their money from sponsorships, merchandise sales, endorsements, and several other sources, Twitch is one of the top revenue-generating avenues for these top streamers.

Richard 'Ninja' Blevins sits at the top of the list of streamers with high net worth. With an estimate of $15–20 million in the bank, Ninja is considered the highest streamer with the highest net worth. With his popularity and the high number of followers, Ninja secures juicy sponsorships with the likes of Adidas and Red Bull. He has gone on to create his line of merchandise and to publish his book.

Other top high net worth streamers include Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek with a net worth of $8-12 million. Tim 'TimTheTatman' Betar comes in close at $6 million.

3. Streamer With The Most Subscribers

The subscription option is one of the many ways through which streamers on Twitch monetize their gaming craft and live streams. While this is one of the many strategies to make money off their streams, it is not the only option available to these streamers. For this category, the most successful streamer with the highest subscription on Twitch is Casemiro 'Casimito' Miguel. With a subscriber count of up to 117,960, Casemiro sits at the top of the list with this impressive number.

Next to Casemiro is xQc with 83,548 while HasanAbi comes in at 60,176. While some streamers choose to keep their subscribers' information private. However, the streamers with their subscribers' information available for the public to use are collecting some Twitch primes, like the rarest digital cards.

4. Most Watched Streamer

When it comes to the most-watched streamer on Twitch, no other streamer comes close to xQc. This streamer is the biggest streamer when it comes to the collective number of hours watched on Twitch. In 2022, xQc's live streams had already gathered an impressive 66.8 million hours watched. This number is only exclusive to their Twitch streaming service.

Other streamers raking in the top total hours watched on Twitch include TheGrefg with about 40.4 million hours. Ibai comes close with 29.6 million hours streamed from their live stream. Again, these numbers are exclusive to Twitch live streaming only and are exclusive of their other streaming profiles on other platforms.

5. Highest Earners from Streaming on Twitch

From available data sometime in 2021, it contained the total payout from Twitch to some of its most popular streamers over two years. Where the period under consideration is between 2019 and 2021. While these payout figures are pre-tax figures, they are only estimates and not confirmed figures. In addition, these figures are round figures based on Twitch revenue alone. This includes advertising revenue, subscriptions, and other endorsement deals on Twitch. It does not include sponsorship deals outside Twitch.

The top earner according to the available data is CriticalRole, who went home with as much as $9.6 million. Following closely with a figure close to $8.4 million is xQc. The next highest earner is Summit1g, with a take-home of $5.8 million. Note that these figures are pre-tax and they are a round figure estimate based on the available data sometime in 2021.

While you might be expecting some particular streamers to be at the top of the highest earners list, note that this list only contains earners who generated value off the Twitch platform alone. Donations, merchandise sales, sponsorship deals, and several others exist outside of Twitch where these streamers make their money.

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