Install Nightbot on twitch: moderate and interact with your chat.

July 30, 2021
Complete the Nightbot installation in less than 5 minutes. Get custom features and increase your stream engagement. We show you how!

Twitch offers various tools to make your stream even more entertaining and interesting. One of the best options that this platform offers you is to implement bots in your channel, discover all the benefits and explore the functions it offers you.

What is Nightbot?

It is a tool that allows us to moderate and program various functions in our chat. We can configure special commands and new actions for the users who view us, among which are the selection of music, regulation of spam, automatic and programmed responses.

Let's see where it will appear once it is installed and how it works.

It looks pretty interesting, doesn't it? There's still more.

How to install the bot on Twitch.

Time for action!

  1. We will go to our preferred search engine and type "Nightbot". We will click on the official page, make sure the top link says "". Be careful! It is usually the first result.

2. We will click on “Sign up!”, It is important that we already have our Twitch channel because we will use the same username and password to enter this page.

  1. We will choose the option "Login with Twitch" to link our channel.

  1. The following permission box will appear, we will click on "Authorize".

  1. Once we authorize, we will enter our dashboard. On the left side we will see a tab called "Commands", we will open it.

  1. Two options will appear, we will first go to Default.

  1. You can activate or deactivate the commands that already come by default.

  1. We will return to the "Custom" tab and this screen will appear. We will click on "+ Add Command" to be able to add custom commands. Time to have fun!

  1. We will fill from top to bottom, starting with the command. We recommend using simple, straightforward and eye-catching words.

Below that, you can compose the message that you want to appear when they activate the function.

The "Userlevel" means the level of user who will be able to use the commands, whether they are followers, subscribers or moderators.

The "Cooldown" refers to the waiting time before someone can use the command again.

Once you have all this defined, all you have to do is click "Submit" to finish and save the changes.

And that's it! It's time to start streaming and exploiting all these new features.

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Be mythical.

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