How to increase the interaction of your stream?

July 25, 2021
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Do you want more presence of your audience in each live show? It's possible! Our specialized team will help you achieve your goals with this mythical blog, we will give you a leg.

The secret is to keep your viewers active during the broadcast, the focus should be on you and what you have to offer. Increasing the interaction will help new audiences join your community and that veterans have a greater connection with you, as a consequence your statistics will increase and you can climb the algorithm.

Explode your content, it is time to transform it into more reach, followers and growth opportunities. Every time you are live is a new window to success!

Take these recommendations into account, write down all the information that helps you improve your stream.

Don't make long introductions.

You have 3 seconds to get the user's attention. Take advantage of them!

The first few seconds are important, they define the permanence of a viewer and could make them a future follower. Avoid making long and tedious entries, jump into action from second 1. How to make the perfect intro? Be energetic!

Talk to the chat

Don't ignore your community! Talk to them, keeping the conversation active is a fundamental part of achieving interaction. You can perform different dynamics so that the fun never ends.

  1. Questions and answers

Make your chat know you thoroughly and you know them.

  1. Anecdotal

Nothing like telling a funny story. It's your time!

  1. Polls

What do you prefer? A versus in comments can be fun.

  1. Competencies

Simple contests always work and help increase engagement.

  1. Friendly discussions

Share opinions and make your chat express their point of view. Discovering how to chat with the chat is easier than it seems.

Be interesting

Do not stop being active even between games or breaks, give the chat material so that it stays in the pause times. Don't let them abandon the broadcast! A silent stream can have negative consequences on your statistics, plan interesting things for those lazy periods.

Positive attitude

This is the most important point, a good attitude pleases everyone and will transform your community.

Be grateful: Celebrate donations, positive comments, and responses to dynamics. You can integrate rewards, they make the community interact with you, the next point is relevant. Pay attention.


Incentives to your community will make them respond actively to your dynamics. There are many ways to reward your community!

  1. Custom subscription badges
  2. Custom emotes
  3. Donation alerts
  4. Mentions

Design your rewards taking into account the tastes and preferences of your audience. This aspect is for them, it will motivate them to interact to obtain it.

Create a community

Be kind and respectful at all times, spread values ​​in them and your community will grow like foam.

Make them feel special. Your followers will now be an important part of your channel, treat them like that and they will stay forever.

A healthy community will generate real and valuable loyalty with you, it will be present in each of your live shows and will motivate new users to join.

The quality of your followers are a reflection of your work, don't forget the importance of taking them into account and grow on your favorite platform with their help.

Need a leg with the rewards? We can help you! Get subscription badges, emotes, and custom animated alerts at an affordable price. It's time to level up and customize your channel!

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