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January 6, 2022

You are probably curious to know more about twitch emotes and all that there is to know about them. If you are here, looking for answers to questions about twitch's emotes and its specs, you are in the right place. Here, we will be looking over the specs that you need to know about when creating the perfect twitch emotes. The lines that follow also contains guidelines for creating emotes and getting approval from twitch to publish them.

First, what is a Twitch Emote?

When you think about the emoji you use for instant messaging, you already have an idea about what emotes are all about. The little difference is that the twitch emote comes alive on twitch. They are useful for responding to twitch chats and leaving responses while watching a stream. Emotes are also offered by partners and affiliates of twitch. Often time, emotes on twitch are a direct result of new trends or memes from channels, social media, and the internet in general.

The creators of different emotes usually try to infuse some meaning into their creation. Some emotes on twitch end up being more popular than others. However, some create emotes as a piece of art for creation sake. Creating twitch emotes comes with certain guidelines and specifications that you must follow. Asides from having an idea about what your twitch emote should look like, it is also bound by specifications.

Twitch Emote Sizes

Standard twitch emotes are images that come in PNG image file format. When you are creating your emote, note that twitch emotes comes in one of three sizes. When uploading, you can use either auto-resize or manual upload. The image sizes for that is acceptable include 28px x 28px, 56px x 56px, and 112px x 112px. An example of twitch standard size is like the one below:

Creating your personal or business emotes should not be a challenge. You will need to use a graphic tool that is capable of producing quality images with a transparent background in PNG file format. The emote you create must not exceed 1MB in size. It also needs to be a perfect square to ensure they render and preserve their image quality on twitch. Before proceeding to upload your twitch emote, make sure you view it at 100% image resolution to check if there are clear lines. If they have words, ensure they are grammatically correct.

Animated Emote Sizes

Emotes are not restricted to image formats only. Animated emotes gives life and more meaning to the context in which the sender is using them. Just like emote images, animated emotes also have a size range they fall under. You may decide to use auto resize or manual upload to render your animated emotes on twitch. Your animated emote will either be in a single square GIF with size between 112px x 112px and 4096px x 4096px or three GIFs with size 28px x 28px, 56px x 56px, and 112px x 112px.

Animated Dino Emotes

Animated emotes must always come in square shapes with the same pixel height and width. Their file size must not exceed 1MB for auto-resize mode. For manual mode, the size must not exceed 512KB.

Twitch Emote Guidelines

Different regulations bind the creation, rendering and use of emotes on twitch. Twitch strives to keep the community as open and free as possible. This requires some set rules in place to shield streamers from having negative experiences on twitch.

The rules and guidelines on twitch as it concerns emotes are simple to follow. When creating emotes, have the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Twitch Policies and Community Guidelines

When creating emotes on twitch, creatorsmust adhere to twitch’s community guidelines and terms of service. Somecontents are prohibited on twitch. There are penalties for breaching the termof service. The following contents are not allowed on twitch

  • Hate conduct: Emotes should not depict offensive slurs, stereotypes, or offensive symbols.
  • Sexual content: Emotes should not depict sexual acts, attire, aids, sexual gestures, and so on.
  • Nudity: Emotes should not depict or imitate nude torso, buttocks, and genitals.
  • The threat of violence: threats of suicide or direct harm to other streamers are barred.
  • Other guidelines: twitch also frowns on obscene content, illegal drugs depiction by emotes. It prohibits vulgarity, encouragement of violence, politics, and promotion of certain characters.
  1. Streamers Rights

Twitch also prohibits the creation of emotes that creators do not have rights or ownership of. It is a direct violation of the creator's policy, which includes the use of another person's content, image, or other rights. Twitch also reserves the right to remove content that fails to adhere to these policies. Examples of contents that you should not use to create your emote without permission include:

  • Content that you do not own or have the authorization to use.
  • Logo belonging to another person, streamer, or organization.
  • The likeliness of another person or streamer.
  • Asset belonging to another twitch creator or streaming channel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Twitch Emotes

Below are some of the questions you may have about twitch emotes and their answers

      1.  How can I add emotes to twitch?

You can add emote to your channel via your twitch dashboard. To do this, head over to your dashboard menu. Select affiliate/partner tab. Click on Emotes and proceed to upload your emotes. Save the changes on your dashboard.

      2.  How do I report emotes that violates Twitch rules?

If you come across a twitch that violates the rules and regulations, you can use the user report tool to report it. To proceed with reporting, select the reason why you think the content violates the guidelines in the description.

       3.  How long does it take to get approval for emotes?

Partners in good standing status get automatic emote approvals. Twitch only offers to emote options to its affiliates and partners. If any partner or affiliates are not in good standing with Twitch, there is a manual approval review process before approval is given.

Wrapping It Up

Emotes makes your streaming channel more interactive and smart. It is a quick and easy way of fostering a personal relationship with people in your community. It is also a smart idea for growing your brand awareness. You can find inspiration on the internet for coming up with a unique design for emotes you wish to create. Make sure they are in line with twitch's guidelines and regulations to guarantee approval.

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