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We are an independent online Graphic Design Agency Focused on the Gaming World.

We are an independent online Graphic Design Agency Focused on the Gaming World.

Welcome to Mythic Rabbit – your premiere independent graphic design agency devoted to the vast world of gaming and videogames. With a talented team of dedicated graphic designers and creatives, we work each and every day to help the gaming world continue to build its massive library of content and ensure that it reaches the screens of gamers worldwide.

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At Mythic Rabbit, our mission is simple – nothing is more important to us than connecting with gamers and designers from all around the world. We live in a digital age, which means that content zips by our screens at warp speed, and only the most compelling content will persuade viewers to engage with it.

We understand that connecting with today’s gamers requires a high level of creativity, passion, and knowledge, and our team brings all of that to the table – plus so much more. With every design, every project, and every client interaction, we strive to demonstrate our ability to meet your needs first, and then exceed your expectations with high quality deliverables.


Mythic Rabbit means the world to me – and it means the world to me to know it has arrived to where it stands today. When I first began throwing around the idea to start Mythic Rabbit, I was at a turning point in my life . I knew I wanted to help people – I just didn’t know where.
At the time, I was studying marketing and became fascinated with the magical feeling of sharing relevant products with consumers from all around the world. As someone who always enjoyed videogames growing up, I saw the impact that playing a game could have on a person, and I knew that this was the space I wanted to be in.
I established Mythic Rabbit to help content creators, streamers,  and gamers connect from all around the world. Whether it be through a new logo for their brand or eSports team, or exciting content to showcase the very soul and identity of their stream, Mythic Rabbit would be the team to make it happen.
Throughout the last number of years, we’ve grown from a single-person team, to more than 20 rabbits who strive to change lives. To us, the rabbit is a symbol of cleverness, devotion to self-improvement, and good luck.
Each and every day, we embrace cleverness and creativity to complete our projects, we’re committed to getting better at what we do, and we strive to bring good luck to our clients with every interaction.


CEO & Founder